For Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue Experience annual sales conference that kicks off in New Orleans on Feb. 29th, the company’s marketing team is featuring the next generation of millennials who are driving innovation: a group of young agents who are pioneering collaboration via digital and social media. They’re featured in a main-stage panel at the #genblue confab and in a slick video befitting their age, locale and we’ll go ahead and say it  good looks. The dozen or so social-savvy agents, who are based in Miami’s South Beach area, “are changing the way agents traditionally approach their business. They are collaborating with each other to help promote each other’s listings and learn from one another. Led by their manager, Nancy Corey, the New Wave Group personifies the core qualities of what it means to be part of Gen Blue.”

“Go to as many sessions as you can, learn, learn, learn, network, network, network!” – Christophe Choo

“Purchase a Mophie charger for your phone (or some sort of charging device for your cell phone). It will get zapped on battery. Map your classes out in advance.” -Heather Brown Ostrom

“Learn, network, be friendly and open minded. Bring your technology charger and ipad is a must. Have fun and enjoy the city.” -Christina Griffen

“Bring a refillable bottle for drinking water.” -Darcy Tombs

“Plan to go to as many sessions as possible. Mix it up. Expand your horizons to sessions you would not have thought would be at the top of your list. You will be surprised at how much you will take away.” -Andrea Geller

“Map your classes. Sit next to someone you don’t know and start a conversation.” -Kim Joiner Turner

“Make sure you make the most of the hallway conversations and engaging the awesome people of #GenBLue online and after the conference.” -Matthew Rathbun

“As soon as you get back from conference start applying what you learn. Take it one step at a time.” -Dava Behrens

“Start banking sleep now.” -David Carner

“Keep what you carry with you really light. Plan taking a session at every time offering, your there to learn- Maximize it!” -Bryan Manke

“Don’t forget your business cards. Follow up we you get home with a personal note to the people you made a connection with. Keep the network flowing!” -Susan Tough