REP Interactive’s Top 10 Awesome Videos for March

REP Interactive’s Top 10 Awesome Videos for March

From hilarious to bizarre, here is REP Interactive’s selection of the Top 10 Videos for March.

Perfect Putt Putt

Have you ever shot a perfect round of Putt Putt? Unless you’re one of the three people in the entire world to accomplish this feat, the answer is no. But for Rick Baird, his dream, although a little different than most other people’s dreams, was achieved and highlighted in this Grandtland Channel exclusive:

Pacific Rim VFX BTS

Film buffs rejoice in this amazing VFX Behind The Scenes look from the film “Pacific Rim.”

The Duel: Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot

Is this real? No… But bonus points for tricking the majority of the 4MM viewers to watch and share this video.

Magic for Dogs

At first glance, this seems like it wouldn’t be too entertaining… But the slight of hand move this magician executes startles these pups large and small!

Lights Out

Simple, elegant, horrifying…. This short from the “Who’s There Film Challenge” is as scary as it gets.

Nike “Evolution”

Throwing it back to 1982 when Wieden + Kennedy launched their first Nike advertisement:

E Trade Baby Quits

We originally thought the E-Trade baby was going to be a one and done concept… but apparently the fine folks over at E Trade are keeping the baby train a running. BTW, it’s been 5 years and this baby hasn’t aged a bit…

Superman with a GoPro

I don’t know if we’re more impressed with the creative application of a GoPro camera here, or the range the camera drone that was used in this video displayed.

The History of the Movie Trailer

Great content… LEARN!!!

McDonalds 3D Mapping

When you’re one of the world’s largest corporations, why wouldn’t you spend a boat load of money on some ridiculously awesome digital signage?