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A Costa Rica Overview:

Think of something fun to do in a tropical location…  Got it yet? Great! Because Costa Rica has you covered. For those less creative types, this mean you can go Surfing, Sports Fishing, Cliff Jumping, Gator Wrestling, Bird watching, Zip Lining, White Water Rafting, Hiking, Sailing, Exploring, Tica Wrangling… and just about ever other -ing you can imagine!

If you’re planning a vacation in Costa Rica, whether it would be an adventure trip, romantic getaway or family excursion, you can rest assured knowing that you also have the opportunity to experience the rich culture while having the trip of a lifetime.

Costa Rica Hotel Accommodations

Costa Rica’s hotel accommodations vary as much as the country’s microclimate.  For the budget conscious travelers, there is an abundance of Hostel and Hospedajes that may at first come across as a little… Well, to put it lightly… dingy.  That being said, there is no better way to warm up with travelers and a cup of Costa Rican brew (Imperial (Costa Rica’s Official Beer) or Coffee!) and have conversations with down to earth travelers.

If hippie huts and eco-hotels aren’t your cup of tea, Costa Rica also has some incredible resorts on the opposite end of the spectrum.  For example, Marriott’s Los Suenos Resort, Ocean and Golf resort is perched right outside of the West Coast Beach Town of Jaco. North of Jaco, near the border of Nicaragua is the resort town of Tamarindo, which will appease any mega-resort seeking traveler.

Costa Rica Climate

Mountains, Valleys, Deserts &Tropical Rain forest all grace Costa Rica’s countryside, which is less than a third of the size of California, so make sure to pack according to the geographic location you are traveling to (as it does get cold in some of the mountain towns near Monteverde National Rain Forest in Costa Rica).

Costa Rica Vacations Attractions

Among the most popular attractions in Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano, which erupts approximately every ten minutes, making it one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Don’t expect free flowing lava as the eruptions primarily consists of molten rocks bouncing down the side of a mountain…. However, the rumbling and crashes will definitely get your heart pounding! When you visit the volcano, you can also have fun exploring caves, visiting indigenous people who live in nearby villages, take in some relaxing hot springs or go whitewater rafting.

Another natural resource that attracts many tourists are the country’s abundance of National Parks. Scientists are often found investigating the animals and the ecosystems living in these parks which are home to lush green jungle, rushing rivers, beautiful lagoons, swamps and rainforests. Ocean aficionados will also appreciate the many of these park’s broad expanses of beaches.  This authors favorite Costa Rican beach would have to be the Montevista BeaThe government established another park, Tortugero National Park, to protect sea turtles that are endangered.
Whether you spend much of your time lounging at the beach or the pool, taking tours of museums and other cultural offerings, partying the night away in a local beach town or going on adventurous hikes through Costa Rica’s beautiful ecosystems, you’re sure to have a memorable vacation.

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